85 countries are set to compete in IESF Esports World Championship 2021

Breaking the previous record of 61 registered countries.

85 countries are set to compete in IESF Esports World Championship 2021
Image Credits: IESF

Last year, 61 countries participated in the IESF Esports World Championship 2020 qualifiers, with the finals set to take place in Eilat, Israel in December as a LAN event. Moinuddin Amdani from PES 2021 and Abhinav Tejan of Tekken 7 were the two Indians who had booked their spots at the LAN Finale. Unfortunately, the event was called off after regional preliminaries due to the COVID-19 situation around the world at the time, and the prize pool was split among the Qualified Winners.


IESF Esports World Championship 13th Edition returned for 2021 and this time around a record-breaking 85 countries have already registered to compete at the event. The Israeli Esports Association and the Maccabi World Union will host the tournament, which will feature DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tekken 7, and eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer Series.

Ido Brosh, President of the Israeli Esports Association and IESF’s Director of Global Programs, said: “With 85 registered national teams, this year is going to be the greatest yet for the IESF Esports World Championships. I’d like to thank the team at IESF, IESA and Maccabi World Union for their efforts, and I am looking forward to watching the games in the online Regional Stages, ahead of hosting all the national athletes and delegates in the global finals in Eilat”.

Regional tournaments will be held in September and October after the national qualifiers, with the winners competing offline in Eilat later in the year.

 Vlad Marinescu, IESF President, added: “IESF is incredibly excited for the 13th edition of our World Championships, the largest IESF event to date. Eilat 2021 will showcase and unify Esports athletes from a record 85 nations. This a true representation of IESF’s commitment to the growth and development of sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide.”

With Vaccinations coming into work in many parts of the world, we hope that things will be different this time around and players who thrive all the way through the qualification process actually get a chance to represent and make their nation proud.