Ankkita C | In Conversation with a Prolific Streamer

Ankkita C is one of India's few female gamers. She began streaming games in July 2018 and has made a name for herself in the Indian gaming community. We questioned her about her journey thus far, the highlights of her career, the challenges she has overcome, and more.

Ankkita C |  In Conversation with a Prolific Streamer

Where did Gaming start for Ankkita C?

When I was a kid I used to play online games on the PC I had back then. But I’d say it truly started in 2018 with pubgm! 


The girl who quit her content writing job to follow gaming dreams. What was your family’s reaction when you announced to them that you’re going to pursue gaming as a career?

My family has always been supportive of everything I do! So when I told them my decision, the only thing they asked me was if I’m sure about it. Anything that happens after is on me! I have to deal with it myself so I was free to choose. 


How long did it take you to establish your footing in this new venture?
I don’t know what counts as establishing my footing. But I’d right now I’m doing pretty decent!

Yo‎u are now one of the most successful female gaming content creators in India. Behind your success, has there ever been a failure where you felt like calling it quits? What motivated you to keep going?

There was a moment mid 2019 when I called up my friend rAge and told him “dude I think I should just stop”. I was getting a looooot of hate, sexual comments, people describing what they’re gonna do to me if they see me, etc. And it got tooooo much! But he calmed me down and told me to ignore them all. I haven’t checked anything apart from published approved comments since then just like he told me.

Which is one of your personal favourite streaming moment?

When I played Resident Evil 7 and got the jumpscares of my life! I think I screamed too haha. 

Ever thought of playing competitively?

No, I play for fun!

What do you feel best about representing S8UL Esports?

The best part is that it feels very homely! It doesn’t feel like work. 

Congratulations on completing 200k subscribers recently. What is the next milestone you seek to achieve?

A million ^.^ Hopefully soon!

Your views on women in the gaming industry.

We need more! More women in gaming, whether it’s in development, content creation, esports, any sector! 

Three pieces of advice to become a successful Gaming Content Creator?

Consistency, Love what you do, always stay positive!