Astralis enters into new commercial partnership with :Dribe

The first significant cooperative endeavour was established when Dribe supplied transportation for Astralis' extensive fan tour in Denmark.

Astralis enters into new commercial partnership with :Dribe
Image Credits: Astralis

The car subscription company :Dribe has just entered into a partnership agreement with leading esports organization Astralis. The collaboration with Astralis is announced in continuation of Dribe’s announcement of expansion to the rest of Europe, as the future alternative to owning or leasing a car.

Marketing manager for Dribe, Niels Kiel says about the new strategic partnership with Astralis:

- I am very much looking forward to our collaboration. Astralis and :Dribe have common values and are both born digital. It is an interesting partnership for us, because Astralis has paved the way in esports, not only in Denmark, but has also contributed to professionalization internationally. This is the journey that :Dribe faces and our goal is to set the tone in Europe by car, says Niels Kiel and continues:

- I look forward to building a strong partnership, and I have high expectations for the reach Astralis can give us with their large, loyal fan base. There is no doubt that esports in general is facing further growth and reach, of which Astralis will be a central part, says Kiel.

:Dribe and Astralis on Denmark tour

The agreement has entered into force and already before the announcement of the partnership, the first major joint effort was put in place when :Dribe provided the transportation of Astralis’ large fan-tour around Denmark.

Kasper Sindt, commercial director at Astralis, says:

- After a dialogue with :Dribe about the goal of hitting a target audience that is digitally native, we had no doubt about the match. Astralis will help with digital activation and conversely, we have already used :Dribe's service when we drove around the country with our Counter-Strike players.

- We will make much more use of this in the future, both when it comes to our team and other activities, and we are extremely happy with the trust that :Dribe shows us with the collaboration, which has both a delivery and a purely commercial leg, explains Sindt.

European focus

:Dribe has a new franchise concept that will now establish the Danish car subscription model in Europe in the coming years. There are over 280 million cars in Europe and the scaling of Dribe takes place via a franchise model and in the meantime :Dribe continues the development of its digital platform to ensure that the company is also highly competitive in the future. The franchise concept is already in use in Denmark, where :Dribe has chosen Semler Mobility as its first partner.

- One of the many points of similarity that became particularly clear in our dialogue is the passion and dedication of both companies' employees. That :Dribe now has a complete digital mobility platform, which ensures that we can scale the car subscription without compromising on the high demands we place on the customer's experience – this is solely due to the efforts of my talented and passionate colleagues over the past years , says Niels Kiel.