Entity Gaming Wins Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024

Entity Gaming triumphed in the Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024 securing the championship with 189 points.

Entity Gaming Wins Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024
Image Credits: Screengrab via ESL India

Entity Gaming emerged as the victors of the Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) 2024, solidifying their position at the pinnacle of India's competitive gaming scene. Their triumph in one of the year's most anticipated tournaments has reverberated throughout the BGMI community, highlighting their supremacy in the esports arena.


Entity Gaming's journey through the three-day Grand Finals was nothing short of spectacular, amassing a whopping 189 points to clinch the championship. Their victory wasn't just about the points; it was a testament to their exceptional gameplay, strategic mastery, and the ability to outmaneuver the competition when it mattered most.


The tournament saw the top 16 teams battle it out for not only the title but also a slice of the substantial 10,000,000 INR prize pool. Entity Gaming's path to victory was paved with consistency, strategic ingenuity, and individual brilliance, epitomized by player AKOP, who was awarded the titles of Most Valuable Player and Rampage Freak, showcasing the depth of talent within the team.



The final leaderboard had Entity Gaming at the helm with 189 points, closely followed by Team IQOOSOUL with 171 points, and Chemin Esports in third place with 170 points. The fierce competition saw frequent shifts in the standings, but Entity Gaming managed to maintain their lead and secure their championship status.


The Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024 Grand Finals not only tested the teams' skills but also shone a spotlight on India's burgeoning esports talent, with teams like Carnival Gaming, Orangutan, and Revenant Esports also delivering strong performances, promising a vibrant future for BGMI esports in the region.


Hosted in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this landmark event attracted widespread attention, underscoring the escalating interest and investment in mobile esports. Entity Gaming's triumph at the Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI 2024 Grand Finals will be celebrated as a demonstration of their unmatched skill, teamwork, and unwavering determination, marking a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of BGMI esports and setting the stage for the sport's continued expansion.