Epic Games acquires Fall Guys creator Mediatonic

Along with Mediatonic, it also acquires Fortitude Games which together forms Tonic Games Group.

Epic Games acquires Fall Guys creator Mediatonic
Image Credits: Mediatonic

Mediatonic, the developer behind one of the famous pandemic games Fall Guys is now acquired by the Fortnite publisher Epic Games.

Last summer, Mediatonic launched the popular party game Fall Guys, and ever since it has been sold in millions of copies.

Mediatonic said in the release, “This is a huge win for Fall Guys. Since Fall Guys broke out in August, we’ve put everything we have into the game, and the Fall Guys team has already grown massively from 35 to 150+. Yet, there is so much more we want to build for our players. ”

The release also notes down that the acquisition includes both the wings of the Tonic Games Group, Mediatonic and Fortitude Games.

Mediatonic believes that Epic Games will help “accelerate plans to improve the game and bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible, while continuing to support the community.”

Epic Games has been acquiring a lot of companies, it also owns the Rocket League developer Psynoix.

“Fortnite and Rocket League already have tons of features we’d love to bring to Fall Guys—account systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes, etc… We’re going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys too,” Mediatonic added.