Esportz Invitational Series 2020 - Free Fire | Day 5

Three Booyah! for Fufoo Esports.

Esportz Invitational Series 2020 - Free Fire | Day 5

We are beyond half-way of the tournament with first four days of the tournament already being concluded. XTZ Esports ruled the top spot on the table at the end of Day 4, with Total Gaming on second who caught up from bottom to top side of the stack in the last to days while the third top table spot held by Old Skool. 

The first four days, a total of three games were played every day. As we are moving on to the 5th day, from here on 5 games will be played each day for the next three days. Just to note, Team Old Skool has been sponsored by Fufoo Esports, meaning the playing roster stays the same but now they will field under a new name. The Five matches of the day were carried out as follows - 1) Bermuda, 2) Purgatory, 3) Kalahari, 4) Bermuda, 5) Purgatory


Match 1, Bermuda Map was won by the game which freshly got a new sponsor, the Old Skool roster, now known as Fufoo Esports. Fufoo had a favoured positioning on the ridge with cover as the circle was closing it and in the end, they edged over Total Gaming and XTZ Esports. Fufoo Esports Booyah! the first game of Day 5 with 46 points having 13 kills whereas Total Gaming finishes second with 17 points with no kills. XTZ Esports, called the most consistent team of the tournament, managed to end up once again on third place with a score of 26 and 6 kills. 

Fufoo Esports was able to repeat what happened in the last match of Bermuda, Fufoo Esports wins their second consecutive Booyah of the day. Thanks to maintaining a solid compound positioning in the end with all of their players alive in the final zone which automatically helped them. Fufoo places first with 9 kills adding another 38 points to the table. TSG on the second spot with 23 points and 3 kills while XTZ once again on third with 31 points and 8 kills. 

The most consistent team takes it even further with another Booyah in the name, XTZ Esports win the match 3 of Day 5 in Kalahari. XTZ Esports accumulates another 42 points and 11 kills. The second finish is by the team that is talked around a lot but has failed to get their presence known at this event, Team Lava. TL score 37 with 10 kills while Optimum Esports finish third 15 points and no kills.

The fourth Map was second Bermuda played for the day and was won by the same winner of first Bermuda. Fufoo Esports win the Map 4 as well. This marks Fufoo's third Booyah of the day. Fufoo was left with only 2 players, however, they played very calmly and composed which made them clinch the victory. Fufoo Esports add another share of 30 points with 5 kills to table. GZ comes second place with a score of 37 and 10 kills while XTZ once again comes third, making their third third-placing of the day but this time around with 33 points and 9 kills. 

The Final Map of the long day, Purgatory. TSG Army wins it. Optimum Esports had a chance to battle it out for the first position in the final map of the day but choosing to sprint in open space while TSG was waiting on the other end was really a bad idea. TSG Army ends the day with 44 points and 12 kills while Optimum Esports get placed second with 23 points and 3 kills. KingzGod who won the very first match of the tournament finished third here with only 15 points going to their name nevertheless with no kills. 

Overall Points at the end of Day 5: 

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