Fortnite Fame Tfue Settles Legal Disputes with FaZe Clan

Fortnite Fame Tfue Settles Legal Disputes with FaZe Clan
Image Credits: Tfue

FaZe Clan and Turner “Tfue” Tenney, lawsuit concludes after a 15-month contract dispute over sponsorship opportunities and payment. Both the parties have issued a joint statement regarding the settlement.

“FaZe Clan and Turner “Tfue” Tenney are pleased to announce that they have resolved their disputes and settled their litigations, the parties wish one another the best of luck in future endeavours.” A spokesperson said. No further details about the settlement were made public.

Lawsuit battle between FaZe and Tfue started when Tfue had filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan in California Court, allegedly to come out of a three-year contract with FaZe Clan. The lawsuit claimed that FaZe clan deprived him of business opportunities and failed to pay his share that FaZe clan earned from sponsorship deals.

However, FaZe clan counter-sued Tfue and alleged that the professional Fortnite streamer had made unflattering statements and belittled the organization and formation of Tfue’s own organization was not possible because Tfue was in contract with FaZe.

At that time, Tfue’s lawyer Bryan Freedman said, it was the first significant case to ask questions about the relationship between gamers and their supposed management, the contracts and the potentially illegal actions by those calling themselves representatives.

With this lawsuit now settled, Turner “Tfue” Tenney is no longer in contract with FaZe Clan and is no longer eligible for receiving paychecks from FaZe.

This marks the end of a major esports employment suit.

News Source: Forbes