Fortnite Introduces Festival Mode Featuring The Weeknd

Fortnite's new Festival mode, launching on December 9, 2023, features a special event with The Weeknd. Dive into a unique musical gaming experience with new cosmetics and interactive performances.

Fortnite Introduces Festival Mode Featuring The Weeknd
Image Credits: Screengrab via The Weeknd (YouTube)

Epic Games, the powerhouse behind Fortnite, is set to enchant gamers and music lovers alike with its latest addition, Fortnite Festival. This new mode is a tribute to classic musical games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, offering a fresh and engaging experience.


In crafting this musical adventure, Epic Games collaborated with Harmonix, famed for its work on Rock Band. This partnership promises a blend of gaming and music, allowing players to immerse themselves in a concert-like atmosphere within Fortnite.


Fortnite Festival:


Fortnite Festival offers a novel gameplay twist - a music game where players can form a virtual band with friends or perform solo, playing along with hit tracks from their favorite artists. This integration of music into the game is not new for Fortnite, which previously hosted in-game concerts with artists like Travis Scott and Eminem. However, Fortnite Festival represents the game's most significant foray into the musical genre to date.


The Weeknd Headlines Fortnite Festival


The Weeknd, a prominent figure in the music industry, will be the first major artist to headline Fortnite Festival. Players can expect to groove to a selection of his songs, playing along to the rhythm in this interactive event.


Fortnite Festival Release Date and Additional Features


Set to launch on December 9, 2023, Fortnite Festival will also introduce a range of new cosmetics, including a “Festival Pass” - a system akin to Fortnite Crew. This pass will offer exclusive in-game items, including new instrument designs, songs, and a unique The Weeknd skin.


Following the announcement of Fortnite Festival, questions arose regarding its maturity level, particularly due to references to "sexual references" in its PEGI rating. However, the official Festival page clarified that these references were solely related to lyrical content, reassuring players about the game mode's appropriateness.