Sharkshe Parts Ways with Godlike Esports

Neyoo Discusses Sharkshe's Exit and Organization's Fairness Principles.

Sharkshe Parts Ways with Godlike Esports
Image Credits: GodLike (Instagram)

Recently, the unexpected exit of Shakshi "Sharkshe" Shetty from Godlike Esports stirred intrigue and speculation among the community. Suraj "Neyoo" Majumdar, another content creator for Godlike Esports, provided insights into the circumstances surrounding Sharkshe's silent departure.


Sharkshe's decision to leave Godlike Esports became apparent when she removed the organization's tag from her Instagram bio, leading to widespread speculation among fans. In response to inquiries during a livestream, Neyoo explained that Godlike Esports prides itself on maintaining fairness and equality among its content creators, adhering to a set of principles that apply to everyone involved with the organization. These are not stringent rules but essential values that any esports organization would follow.


Neyoo revealed that Godlike Esports had recently updated its terms and conditions for content creators, which Sharkshe found certain elements of to be incompatible with her preferences.


She proposed a mutual separation from the organization due to the mismatch between her expectations and the organization's guidelines. Consequently, it was agreed that Sharkshe would step down from her roles as a streamer and content creator for Godlike Esports.


Furthermore, Neyoo noted that while most content creators accepted the new guidelines without issue, Sharkshe disagreed with the updated policies, leading to her departure from the organization.