IGDC 2023 Warns of Talent Crunch in Gaming Sector

The Gaming Industry is estimated to reach $7.5 billion by FY28.

IGDC 2023 Warns of Talent Crunch in Gaming Sector
Image Credits: IGDC

India's $3.1 billion gaming sector is grappling with significant challenges, including a critical talent shortage, as it aims to navigate a path of robust growth.


As the Indian gaming market experiences unprecedented expansion, with projections to surge to $7.5 billion by FY28, the industry faces a talent crunch that could hinder its growth. The need for skilled professionals is more critical than ever, with the sector's rapid development outpacing the availability of qualified talent.


The 15th India Game Developer Conference (IGDC), held in Hyderabad, brought this issue to the forefront. The event, which saw participation from over 80 local entities, including notable names like Hitwicket and Atirath, served as a platform to discuss the industry's pressing issues and its future trajectory.


The consensus at IGDC was that the sector would overcome these obstacles over time, buoyed by the strong growth potential highlighted in the 'Lumikai State of India Gaming report FY23.'


The conference underscored the need for strategic initiatives to bridge the talent gap. This includes fostering education and training programs tailored to the gaming industry's needs, encouraging partnerships between academic institutions and gaming companies, and promoting a conducive environment for skill development.


While the Indian gaming industry faces a talent crunch, the resolve to grow past these challenges is evident. With strategic planning and industry-wide cooperation, the sector is poised to continue its upward trajectory and cement its place as a global gaming powerhouse.