Indian Music Icon Raftaar Joins Streaming Platform Kick

This move signifies a groundbreaking fusion of his musical talent and passion for gaming, especially in the mobile gaming sphere.

Indian Music Icon Raftaar Joins Streaming Platform Kick
Image Credits: Raftaar (Instagram)

Raftaar, a name synonymous with innovation in the Indian music scene, has taken a leap into the digital realm by joining Kick, an emerging streaming platform. This decision by Raftaar, known for his contributions to hip-hop and his avid interest in gaming, particularly mobile gaming, marks a significant crossroad in the intersection of music and gaming.


Raftaar's career has always been a fusion of diverse interests. Besides his iconic status in the Indian hip-hop scene, he's also a passionate gamer. His enthusiasm for gaming is not just a pastime; it's a significant aspect of his artistic expression. This is exemplified by his creation of the official music video for PUBG: NEW STATE, titled "RATATA". This venture reflects a seamless blend of his musical creativity with his gaming passion, offering a unique experience to both his music and gaming fans.


Kick's introduction into the streaming world hasn't been without controversy. The platform, co-founded by notable personalities in the online entertainment and gambling industry, has found itself at the center of debates regarding the ethics of online gambling. Raftaar's recent promotion of Stake, a crypto gambling and sports betting website associated with Kick, has further fueled these discussions. His active promotion of Stake since the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 has drawn both attention and criticism, reflecting the ongoing conversation about the impact and ethical considerations of celebrity endorsements in the gambling industry.


The announcement of Raftaar's first live stream on Kick has sparked widespread curiosity and speculation among fans. The cryptic nature of his announcement, done via an Instagram story, has left many guessing about the content of his debut stream. Will it be a teaser for his anticipated album, or a casual gaming session with other celebrities? This strategic ambiguity has successfully created a buzz, keeping fans eagerly waiting for what's next.