Doublelift Retires Permanently from League of Legends, Ending an Era in LCS

LCS Icon Doublelift Announces Permanent Retirement from Professional League of Legends.

Doublelift Retires Permanently from League of Legends, Ending an Era in LCS
Image Credits: 100 Thieves

Peter 'Doublelift' Peng, a name synonymous with North American League of Legends supremacy, has decided to step away from the professional scene. Embarking on his esports journey with CLG, Doublelift's career trajectory included notable stints with TSM, Team Liquid, and finally 100 Thieves. His tenure in the League Championship Series (LCS) spanned over a decade, solidifying his legacy as a top-tier ADC player.


On December 1, 2023, Doublelift turned a new page, announcing his retirement in a detailed 14-minute interview. This announcement wasn't his first hiatus from the professional arena. He previously took a break following TSM's 2020 World Championship campaign, only to return in 2023 with a renewed competitive spirit. However, this time, Doublelift asserts the finality of his decision, stating, "I’m retiring, for real this time."



Doublelift's comeback in 2023, despite financial drawbacks from reduced streaming income, underscored his passion for the game. He acknowledged the financial sacrifices made for his return to pro play. Looking ahead to 2024, he cited the changing landscape of LCS and esports, noting significant sacrifices required to stay competitive. Doublelift highlighted the diminishing resources in teams, including support staff and player development, crucial for a shot at winning the World Championship - his ultimate unfulfilled goal.


Throughout his career, Doublelift amassed eight LCS playoff victories and five regular-season titles. His international highlight was a runner-up finish at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational with Team Liquid. Despite these achievements, the World Championship eluded him. He reached Worlds eight times, with his best performance being a top-four finish in Season 1. As time progressed, the dream of clinching the World title seemed increasingly distant, leading to his retirement decision.