Aspas Tried to Depart Leviatan After Nozwerr Benching: Report

Explore the implications of Nozwerr's benching and aspas' reaction.

Aspas Tried to Depart Leviatan After Nozwerr Benching: Report
Image Credits: Riot Games

Within the Valorant scene, team dynamics can shift dramatically and swiftly. A prime example of this is found in the recent developments surrounding Erick 'aspas' Santos, a highly acclaimed Valorant player, and his tenure with the Leviatan team.

The seeds of discord were sown with Leviatan's decision to bench Agustin 'Nozwerr' Ibarra on January 4, 2024. This move didn't sit well with aspas, who had joined Leviatan in October 2023 after his contract with LOUD concluded. aspas, a Brazilian Duelist, had a stellar run with LOUD, contributing significantly to their Valorant Champions title victory in 2022 and clinching the VCT Americas MVP and league title in 2023. His transition to Leviatan was seen as a fresh challenge in his flourishing career​​​​.

Reports suggest that aspas was deeply unsettled by Nozwerr's benching, to the extent that he contemplated leaving Leviatan. This decision, however, was not taken lightly. The high penalty associated with breaking his contract and a sense of professional commitment to the organization led him to remain with the team despite the internal turbulence. 

This situation was further complicated by the lack of clarity on the exact nature of the internal dynamics within Leviatan, as aspas himself did not confirm these reports. It was evident, though, that the atmosphere within the team was not entirely harmonious​​.

Amidst these unfolding events, aspas took to social media to express his admiration and respect for Nozwerr. He highlighted Nozwerr's remarkable skills and dedication, emphasizing his proficiency in three languages and excellent communication abilities. 

This public endorsement served as a testament to the strong bond between the two players, showcasing aspas' integrity and loyalty to his teammate, even in the face of challenging circumstances​​.

As the team navigates these choppy waters, the question of Nozwerr's replacement looms large. Rumors are rife about the potential signing of Corbin 'C0M' Lee, a Valorant Champions winner, who has hinted at leaving Evil Geniuses. This potential addition could bring a new dynamic to the team and perhaps mend the ripples caused by the recent upheaval​​.