Indian Esports Startup Marcos Gaming Scores Funding

Explore how Marcos Gaming's recent pre-seed funding is revolutionizing Indian Esports.

Indian Esports Startup Marcos Gaming Scores Funding
Image Credits: Screengrab via Marcos Gaming

Recently, Marcos Gaming has achieved a remarkable milestone by raising an undisclosed sum in a pre-seed funding round. The round was spearheaded by prominent investors including India Accelerator, Finvolve, and SucSEED Ventures, marking a significant step in the organization's journey towards becoming an Esports powerhouse in the region.


Marcos Gaming's strategic utilization of the funds is poised to revolutionize the Indian Esports landscape. The organization plans to channel these funds into various critical areas:


  • Content Creation: Crafting engaging and high-quality Esports content to captivate audiences.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Development: Fostering innovative ideas to expand their footprint in the gaming world.
  • Gaming Community Growth: Building and nurturing a robust community of gamers and enthusiasts across the country.


Additionally, Marcos Gaming intends to collaborate with gaming influencers, thereby amplifying their reach and impact within the industry.


Marcos Gaming isn't just about funding; it's also about action. The organization has already set its sights on popular gaming titles like Supercell's "Clash of Clans", Valve's "Counter-Strike 2", and Krafton's "Battlegrounds Mobile India".


These games represent a blend of strategy, action, and MMO experiences, aligning perfectly with the organization's aim to cater to diverse gaming tastes.


The potential for Esports in India is immense, and Marcos Gaming is tapping into this opportunity. Sudhir Kuria, co-founder of Marcos Gaming, highlighted the fragmented nature of India's Esports and entertainment system. However, he also acknowledged the exponential growth of Esports in the country, akin to the popularity of Cricket.


This sentiment is echoed by Abhay Chawla, co-founder and COO of India Accelerator, who expressed enthusiasm about their partnership with Marcos Gaming and its vision to transform the Indian gaming sector.