Mastercard and Riot Games Partners with G2 Esports To Launch Gamers Academy

Mastercard, G2 Esports, and Riot Games Join Forces to Elevate Esports Aspirations.

Mastercard and Riot Games Partners with G2 Esports To Launch Gamers Academy
Image Credits: Mastercard / G2

Mastercard, a titan in financial services, has joined forces with G2 Esports and Riot Games to launch the Mastercard Gamer Academy. This groundbreaking development program is designed to offer unique opportunities for esports and gaming enthusiasts. The initiative aims to nurture talent by providing invaluable connections, skills, and mentorship, thereby contributing to a more inclusive gaming ecosystem​​​​.


The program is not bound by geographical limits and invites applications from individuals over 21 years of age globally. In an ambitious move, the academy will select 10 players to benefit from an array of privileges. These include all-expense-paid trips to prestigious esports events such as the 2024 League of Legends Worlds and VALORANT Champions, as well as access to the G2 headquarters. The curriculum is further enriched with mentored sessions and educational content​​.


Innovative Learning and Networking Opportunities


Powered by G2 Esports, a leading name in the esports realm, the academy promises to offer a firsthand experience in various esports industry segments. Romain Bigeard, the General Manager of League of Legends at G2 Esports, emphasizes the organization's commitment to crafting clear pathways into esports careers. Participants can anticipate learning from some of the industry's most talented figures​​​​.


Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, underscores the company's dedication to fostering esports' growth and diversity. Their partnership with G2 Esports and Riot Games reinforces this commitment, spotlighting Mastercard's pioneering role in the esports domain since its alliance with League of Legends in 2018 and later expanding its support to the VALORANT Champions Tour​​.


Application Process and Future Prospects


Aspiring participants must submit an online application and a video showcasing their passion for gaming and esports by December 17, 2023. The program, which begins in 2024, offers an expansive curriculum covering brand engagement, marketing, content creation, event execution, and more, with a focus on mental health, resilience, and allyship. The Gamer Academy stands as a testament to Mastercard's vision of investing in the dynamic future of gaming, creating a thriving, inclusive environment for tomorrow's esports professionals​​​​.