Real Madrid's Vini Jr Joins Forces with Esports Powerhouse LOUD as Co-Owner

Vinícius Júnior, the celebrated Real Madrid footballer, embarks on an esports venture by becoming a co-owner of Brazilian esports organization LOUD, aiming to boost gaming and education in Brazil.

Real Madrid's Vini Jr Joins Forces with Esports Powerhouse LOUD as Co-Owner
Image Credits: LOUD

Vinícius Júnior, a famous football player for Real Madrid, has become a co-owner of the Brazilian esports team LOUD. This step shows his love for gaming and his commitment to supporting young talent and education in Brazil.

LOUD, a well-known esports team, has become famous for its impressive performances, especially in the game Valorant made by Riot Games. Their crowning moment came in 2022 when they clinched the title of Valorant Champions, showcasing their dominance by defeating OpTic Gaming in a gripping 3-1 victory in the grand finale​​.

Additionally, LOUD has made significant strides in the Brazilian League of Legends pro league, CBLOL, consistently ranking as a top contender. The organization's roots, interestingly, lie in its origins as a Free Fire team, underlined by their triumphs in the 2020 Copa America and the 2022 Liga Brasileira de Free Fire Stage.

The collaboration between Vini Jr and LOUD is more than just a business partnership; it's a fusion of sports, gaming, and social empowerment. Vini Jr plans to leverage this platform to produce unique gaming, sports, and creator-led content across LOUD's various channels. This initiative is not only about enhancing the organization's content portfolio but also about amplifying Vini Jr's ongoing efforts in education through the Vini Jr Institute. This non-profit organization is Vini Jr's commitment to improving educational opportunities in Brazil​​​​.

Vini Jr's involvement with LOUD is driven by his recognition of the positive impact of video games on Brazilian youth. He aims to blend content production with encouraging young gamers to prioritize their education, thereby supporting the next generation of athletes both on the field and in the virtual realm​​.

Bruno Bittencourt, LOUD's co-founder, echoes this sentiment, highlighting Vini Jr's role in bridging the gaming culture with broader societal aspects like fashion, sports, and social causes. This partnership is poised to develop original content, bolster youth education, and foster community enhancement across Brazil and Latin America​​.

Vini Jr's foray into the esports domain follows a growing trend of high-profile sports figures investing in esports. This includes David Beckham's involvement with Guild Esports and Lionel Messi's recent venture as a co-owner of KRU Esports, further establishing the interconnectedness of traditional sports and esports in today's culture​​.