Sony’s PlayStation 5 opens invite-only pre-orders

Sony open invite-only pre-orders for its next-generation gaming console PlayStation 5!

Sony’s PlayStation 5 opens invite-only pre-orders
Image Credits: Sony

If you're wanting to be the first one to own the next-generation console, you'd be needing to register yourself to receive an invite from Sony for being able to pre-order and the catch is, there will be a “limited quantity of PS5 consoles available for pre-order”.

To do so, you can head to the PlayStation website and register. Selections will be, “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities” and if selected you’ll receive an email with the invite which is valid for a limited time letting you book one for yourself. Make sure you're quick on checking out as there is only limited quantity. There's also a limit restricted to only a single console per PSN ID be it Regular or All-Digital Variant and you need a US address to get one shipped to yourself.

There's no firm word yet about the price or release date of the console, one can expect it to be released in November or December as it is stated to launch in Holiday 2020.

Registration Link: Official website

Source: PlayStation