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Esports World Cup in Riyadh is shattering records with...

Esports World Cup's massive prize pool, format, and the event's larger impact on esports.


Esports World Cup Adds Apex Legends to Massive Lineup

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Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia Vie for Esports Capital of the...

Can Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia Claim the Esports Crown?


Counter-Strike 2 Hits Record of 1.5 Million Players

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National Creators Awards 2024's Best Creators in Gaming

Spotlighting the Gaming Innovators: The Trailblazers Nominated for Excellence

Sponsorship & Partnership

MAGGI renews its Sponsorship with GIANTX for the Fourth...

Both the brands are working on new formats and activations for the gaming audience.


Icebox Set for a Chilly Comeback in Valorant Episode 8...

Valorant's Episode 8 Act 1 update brings a major shift in the competitive map pool. Get ready for the return of the reworked Icebox,...


Top Battle Royale Esports of 2023

Discover the most popular Battle Royale esports of 2023, from PUBG Mobile's global dominance to the regional success of Fortnite and...


VALORANT Confirms VCT Team Bundles for 2024

Get ready for a fan frenzy in 2024! Riot Games' VCT Team Bundles promise a vibrant celebration of teams and esports culture.


India's First Esports Academy to be Introduced in Madhya...

A 10-day tournament called MP State Junior Championship is being hosted to find the finest talents.


Astralis brings in “Staehr” and “b0RUP” to CS:GO Roster

“gla1ve" and "Xyp9x" are moved to benched as young talents arise.