VCT China 2024: Meet the Teams

Check out the 10 teams of Valorant esports in China with VCT 2024.

VCT China 2024: Meet the Teams
Image Credits: VALORANT Esports China

Valorant is making significant strides in China. The game's popularity has surged, and Riot Games is setting up an exclusive Chinese league for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2024. Here's an insight into this exciting development.


Riot Games has put considerable effort into nurturing the Valorant scene in China. The introduction of the second Chinese agent, Iso, marked a significant step in this journey. In July 2023, Riot Games began planning the competitive Valorant circuit for 2024, choosing Shanghai as the venue for the VCT 2024 Masters. This move indicated the growing importance of the Chinese market in the Valorant esports landscape.


VCT China 2024


Riot Games’ announcement of a separate VCT league for China created a buzz in the esports community. The selection process for the VCT 2023 season was intense, involving applications, interviews, and financial reviews. Riot Games aimed to partner with teams that aligned with its vision, emphasizing that past performance wasn't a primary factor.


The VCT China 2024 will start with the China Kick-Off tournament in February 2024. The top two teams from this event will progress to the VCT Madrid Masters in March 2024, the first international event of the year. There will be eleven teams in total, including ten partnered teams and one qualifying through the Valorant China Ascension 2023 event.


The VCT China 2024 will feature ten partnered teams, showcasing a mix of familiar names and emerging forces in the esports arena. The teams are:


  • Nova Esports
  • JD Gaming
  • Trace Esports
  • Wolves Esports
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • All Gamers
  • BilBili Gaming
  • EDward Gaming
  • Titan Esports Club


These teams represent the burgeoning talent and competitiveness in the Chinese Valorant scene. Their participation marks a new chapter in Valorant esports, promising thrilling matchups and high-level gameplay.