VALORANT: Sentinels Wipe Envy To Become Pop Flash Champions

Sentinels win VALORANT Pop Flash in a dominant fashion & take home $25,000!

VALORANT: Sentinels Wipe Envy To Become Pop Flash Champions
Image Credits: Twitter/ @Sentinels

Pop Flash, a five-day affair VALORANT tournament for the North American region organised by B Site. The event was attended by eight prominent teams of NA region - Cloud9, Dignitas, Immortals, Gen. G Esports, T1, Team SoloMid, Team Envy and Sentinels. Two groups were formed off which one winner from each group to go ahead to the playoffs. All matches were a best-of-three except the grand finals which were a best of five. 

Image Credits: B Site

Sentinels and Team Envy to Finals.

Sentinels rocketed right away through the groups making their way to finals, only dropping a single map in the whole event against Cloud 9 in the playoffs. Before meeting Envy in the finals, Sentinels won 2-0 against Dignitas and 2-1 against Cloud9. Sentinels roster powers the former Overwatch League prodigy, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, who made the affair easy for fellow other sentinels.

Whereas Team Envy has been on the scene since the beta days and their former player moved to G2 Esports whose void was filled by the counter strike legend Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom. Since then, Team Envy has been on a grind. Coming to the tournament, the grind looked like it wasn’t enough for Envy as they dropped 2-0 to Cloud9 on the second day of Pop Flash itself. Envy was dropped to the lower bracket and from there they made their way to the finals. They were made to rematch with Cloud9 in Semifinals, it was a close call for either of the teams but Envy pulled this off a 2-0 win in their favour this time around.

The Finale

One of the teams who had been dominant since the very beginning while others had a long route to the finals. Each of them was on an adrenaline rush of their own.

The matchup expected curious affair because Envy had picked up their pace but it didn’t go that way. In the finals, Sentinels had the answer for every move of Envy’s, sturdily holding their grounds. The best-of-five finals were quickly won by Sentinels with a clean 3-0 scoreline. Sentinels take home lion’s share of $25,000 in the name of champions.

MVP: Jay “sinatraa” Won

The player that deserved it all, the former Overwatch League MVP for 2019 proved himself once against despite the game change. Jay “sinatraa” Won is announced as the Pop Flash MVP for his amazing understanding of mechanics and predictions to open sites with his abilities. Sinatraa finished the grand finals with solid 59 kills.

VALORANT is certainly turning out to be one of the games that is garnering viewership and looking like as the next big esports.