Xbox Made a Fully Edible Chocolate 'Wonka' Controller

Starting today, fans can enter the official Xbox sweepstakes for a chance to win the most extravagant and playful Wonka-inspired Xbox prizes.

Xbox Made a Fully Edible Chocolate 'Wonka' Controller
Image Credits: Xbox

In a delightful fusion of cinema and gaming, Warner Bros. and Xbox have stirred excitement in the gaming community with a unique promotion for the upcoming film, 'Wonka'. This partnership marks a creative venture, blending the worlds of entertainment and gaming in a whimsical way.


Celebrating the whimsy of the 'Wonka' universe, this collaboration has led to the creation of a Wonka-inspired Xbox controller. This limited edition piece is not just a functional gaming accessory; it's a collector's item, steeped in the fantastical essence of the Wonka brand​​.


Starting November 13, fans around the world have the opportunity to participate in a global sweepstakes. This event is more than just a promotion; it's an invitation for gaming enthusiasts and film fans alike to engage in the excitement surrounding the 'Wonka' film release.


This initiative by Warner Bros. and Xbox exemplifies the evolving relationship between gaming and other entertainment industries. It shows how gaming has become a significant cultural force, capable of collaborating with major film franchises.